Video Editing Training

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Major Date

From: 10th December , 2021

To: 15th December , 2021

Video Editing Training


This course is focused on editing, manipulating videos. You will learn how to edit, cut and manage the video clips in professional working. You will be dealing with various raw footages to make complete professional videos.


The aspiring video editors who are interested to work in professional video editing companies, movies, televisions and so on.

Contents of Video Editing

✅ Starting Project

✅ Organizing files

✅Adding video and audio transition

✅ Create modern and professional titles

✅ Working with Audio

✅ Work with Text

✅ Adding Visual Effects

✅ Color Correction

✅ Green Screen Editing (Chroma)

✅ Exporting Video

✅ Masking

✅ Manual Transition Creation

✅ Using marker and notes for efficient workflow

✅ Adding and working with graphics

✅ Tools and Shortcut keys


After the Completion of Training

After completing the training of this "Video Editing Training" one will have the ability

- to Edit music video

- to Edit wedding video

- to Edit short movies

- to Edit documentary


Tutor: Suraj Maharjan

More than 5 years of professional video editing experience