Photoshop Training

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Major Date

From: 25th December , 2020

To: 24th October , 2021

Adobe Photoshop Training


This course is focused on the manipulation of digital images through image readiness, editing and image creation. You will learn how to create a new image, crop, transform, paint, enhance, retouch, resize and add artistic feel. Selection methods and working with layers are also dealt with in this course.


The aspiring graphic designers are interested to use Photoshop to manipulate images and those interested to understand basics with a view to using it with other applications InDesign. 


Course Objectives

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:


✅ Effectively Use tools/palettes and understand the terminology


✅ Image Selection using a variety of ways and Crop and Transform them


✅ Resize images, modify the resolution, repair and retouch photos


✅ Properly understand and work with Layers, Masks, and Channels


✅ Optimize graphics for printing and use with the web


 Course Contents


✅ Layers essentials


✅Brush tool essentials


✅Essential and special transformations


✅Advanced selection techniques based on color and contrast


✅Masking chapter introduction, non-destructive workflows, and smart filters


✅Tonal, color, and contrast adjustments


✅Simple and advanced techniques for the clone stamp tool


✅Dodge and burn tools


✅Portrait retouching and photo restoration


✅Timeline panel for video layers


✅3D layers and techniques


If you are interested to join the training, please send your confirmation mail at trainings@internstolearn.com 


Tutor: Mike Yonzon

More than 10 years of Professional Experience in Creative Designing